2012-01-13 в 19:42 

Ёжик в тумане
Ну-с, 13-тый, кого должен любить чёрт?
можно и в обратном порядке читать...

2012-07-29 в 23:14 

ood evening. I know English at the university level programs, true is my language - Russian, so I ask forgive for errors. I know the real Keanu Reeves will never read this letter. I am not your fan. Yesterday watched "The Matrix", a film first. This is stunning.
It seems to me to love someone and be with him even one day - boundless fortune. I met their own destiny six years ago, a meeting, one hug. but I do not ever forget it. He was older than me, very cruel, but it seemed to him not compare, and Valentino. Sorry for your private retreat.
I respect you, that Moloch of show business did not kill you in person, as in the usual performers - sunt odiosa nomination.
I am sorry that no one after Bertolini does not want to film Dante. I think with your talent you could play it, but "Hell." Others are not worth attention. Think about what features and special effects are covered in this project.
With immense respect


Keanu Reeves Club